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“Man's love for innovation will never die.”

Karl Friedrich Benz

Rima impianti

Rima Impianti was born in 1981 in Taranto as industrial plant design company. Since its foundation It works in all South Italy in steel, shipbuilding and dietary industries
Today, thanks to over 25 years work experience and to the increasingly strong collaboration with Bosch Rexroth, Rima Impianti represents for southern companies a wide-ran-ging partner in Drive&Control technologies, to reach also in the future more and more elevated quality standards.

Our services

To be always in contact with the customer and answering directly or through qualificated collaboration to his requirements, in terms of:

Bosch Rexroth Excellence partner

Our organization

The company is divided by specific activities and skills from the design offices to the on-site service.

Company division

    N° 4 hydraulic designers equipped with software of 3D modeling.
    N°16 production units divided into:
    N°6 specialized welders
    N°3 carpenters
    N°6 fluidist editors
    N°2 tester
    N°2 technicians specialized in restoring hydraulic components
    N°2 Project managers
    N°3 Purchasing staff
    N°2 Logistics department employees
    Rima systems has a test room for powers up to 180 kw and is able to test hydraulic systems up to 500 kW in functional conditions.
    N°2 employees in charge of managing company quality which is ISO 9001 certified.
    N°5 Fluid technicians for on-site assistance on complex plants, and able to manage annual scheduled maintenance.
Since 1981

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